University Francisco de Vitoria

Member of the International Network of Universities of Regnum Christi

Catholic, and not only because it has symbols that remind it on its walls, but also because it investigates and teaches every particular science with the certainty that from there it can understand a little better man and the world as a whole, with the certainty that to use reason is to open oneself to the meaning and final sense of things.

Community of seekers of truth, who know that truth is not possessed but longed for and pursued. A community that knows it is much more than the sum of talents. Community that seeks the reason of things, knows their good and transforms the world.

Integral formation is characteristic of a University that tries to speak to the man of today. Because how can we know in depth if affectivity, will, and circumstances are not accompanied and educated as well?


The Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation aims to promote the study of theology and the theologycultural dialogue in today’s society. To this end, it has a program of scholarships for the completion of doctorates in theology and carries out the organization of Congresses of high cultural and scientific value in collaboration with various universities in the world. Among the awards it celebrates is the Ratzinger Prize, which recognizes the work of those men and women – Catholic or not – who with their life of study put themselves totally at the service of the Gospel, making it understandable to their contemporaries.

Together with the University Francisco de Vitoria, it also promotes the Expanded Reason Awards, which recognize the efforts of professors and researchers to broaden the horizons of rationality, based on the dialogue of sciences and disciplines with Philosophy and Theology.