VIDEO | Meeting of the jury of the 2º edition of the Expanded Reason Awards

The international jury of the II edition of the Expanded Reason Awards met on 18 and 19 July 2018 at the University Francisco de Vitoria. The jury was formed by Mr. Daniel Sada, Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J., Mr. Rafael Vicuña, Mr. Stefano Zamagni, Mr. Andrew Briggs, Mr. Paolo Benanti and Mr. Javier Mª Prades for the deliberation of the winners of the second edition of the Razón Abierta Awards.

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The essential

Isidro Catela

The essential is invisible to the eyes. It is not only Saint-Exupèry and his universal Little Prince. It happens to us too, every day, in every logo, avatar or inspiring photo that circles the web. Have you noticed our background photo? Look at it again, and, as if finding Wally, try, search, scrutinize and contemplate. In addition to a bridge and people walking on it, we have in the background a hidden miracle of a coral reef. Continue Reading