This is how the IV Expanded Reason Congress on Transhumanism went

The Expanded Reason Congress on Transhumanism was held on 17th and 18th June 2021 at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The meeting was attended by more than 30 speakers and 250 participants who participated in person and online from different parts of the world.

The issue addressed, Transhumanism, is a phenomenon that especially concerns the university because it brings into play all the sciences and their understanding of the human being. For this reason, the programme included sessions offering different approaches, from Philosophy, Science, Medicine, Law, Politics, Bioethics, Family, Sport, audiovisual communication and Theology, among others. To this end, representatives from different branches of knowledge discussed at 8 round tables, there were also lectures with guests such as Anders Sandberg, Alfredo Marcos, Francesc Torralba and Juan Arana as well as a total of 46 papers presented.

Elena Postigo, director of the Congress, explained during the closing ceremony that along the meeting different questions had arisen: anthropological (who are we and who is the posthuman), epistemological (will science, with its limits, be able to respond to the longings of human beings), ethical (what must we do to become truly human) and meaning kind. Therefore, it has been a practical exercise of expanded reason and there has been real interdisciplinary dialogue.



A total of 46 papers were presented, divided into 9 panels on different topics: Engineering and Transhumanism; Theology, Philosophy and Politics; Transhumanism and Authors; Health Sciences and Bioethics; Transhumanism, Limits and Death; Transhumanism and Philosophy (I and II); Law, Economics and Business Administration; and Communication, Education and Fine Arts.

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