Human embryos. Humans

Samuel y Maureen Condic. Expanded Reason Awards winners.

Cancer philosophy

Marta Bertolaso. Expanded Reason Awards winner

Knowledge of the unseen

Evandro Agazzi

A Christian Catholic Metamodel of the Person

Paul Vitz, William Nordling, Craig Titus. Expanded Reason Awards winners

Singular universe

Javier Sánchez Cañizares. Expanded Reason Awards winner

¿Determinism or indeterminism?

Claudia Vanney y Juan F. Franck. Expanded Reason Awards winner

Rethinking, community and accompaniment culture at the university

Ángel Barahona

Four open-ended questions

Javier Aranguren 

Virtuous leadership

Pierluca Azzaro y Fernando Chica.

Transhumanism: Homo Sapiens or Cyborg?

Presentations of the Expanded Reason Conference of 2021

Dialogue between science, philosophy and theology

Proceedings of the Expanded Reason Conference.