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Relectiones is a magazine of continuous edition and annual printing, which has as its first and fundamental objective: to promote and stimulate reflection, analysis and research in the field of the Humanities, in order to arouse a new cultural creativity that expands the horizons of reason, an expanded reason. ISSN 2386-2912 | eISSN  2386-8732 Index articles in Crossref.

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N.º 8. 2021. The Covid-19: a challenge to rethink the professions at the service of the person and the common good.
The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has altered all dimensions of our daily lives. Vulnerability to the virus is manifested in the perception of the value of health, but also in the way of approaching social, economic, business, emotional … and professional relationships. Can we think in a new way about the relationships between ways of knowing and acting in our professions?

Transhumanism: ¿homo sapiens o cyborg?

Transhumanism in any of its expressions raises in a renewed way the questions about the human being, their identity, their dignity and about the scope and limits of their decisions and actions. The call for this issue raises the reflection of these challenges from the relationship of particular sciences and techniques with the anthropological, ethical, epistemological and meaning questions.