Award ceremony and second edition of the Expanded Reason Awards

The University Francisco de Vitoria, together with the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, will hold the Award Ceremony for the first edition of the Expanded Reason Awards at the Academy of Sciences in Vatican City.

The celebration will take place on Wednesday September 27th, within the framework of a two-day congress on the concept of “Expanded Reason” organized by the University Francisco de Vitoria.

During the days in Rome (September 25-28) the winners of the Awards will be present (Darcia Narváez, Michael Schuck, Nancy C. Tuchman, Michael J. Garanzini, S. J., Claudia Vanney, Juan F. Franck and Laura Baritz O. P.), including several members of the jury and representatives of the organizing institutions.

In addition, during the Award Ceremony the second edition of the Expanded Reason Awards will be announced. The aim of these Awards, beyond giving due recognition to researchers and teachers, is to create an Expanded Reason Community that offers the possibility to be part of a forum for all those who wish to continue researching and teaching according to Benedict XVI’s intuition to broadening the horizons of reason.

The Expanded Reason Awards program aims to foster the creation of a great university community that encourages and supports the desire for truth that exists in the heart of every student, professor and member of this research community. The Expanded Reason Awards initiative recognizes the community as the ideal place to promote this effort.

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