Divine Abundance

Divine Abundance is an in-depth analysis of the importance of leisure in human life and in academic culture, seen from a theological and philosophical perspective. The author argues that leisure is not simply inactivity, but a time dedicated to reflection and divine worship, which allows us to receive our lives as a gift and to enter into communion with God. This concept of leisure is fundamental to an authentic academic culture. In addition, practices such as singing and the celebration of the Eucharist are highlighted as crucial elements for the harmony of being and the practice of leisure. In summary, the work presents an enriching vision of leisure as an essential aspect of human life and academic culture, linked to divine worship and communion with God.



Elisabeth Newman

Elisabeth Newman is currently an adjunct professor of Theology at Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Baptist House of Studies and Duke Divinity School. Elisabeth Newman es actualmente profesora adjunta de Teología en la Casa de Estudios Bautistas del Seminario Presbiteriano de la Unión y en la Duke Divinity School. She is also a member of the editorial board of Baptist Quarterly and co-editor of Studies in Baptist History and Thought.