Laura Baritz O.P.

The KETEG Teaching Program

Sarolta Laura Baritz an economist by training, used to travel around the world as a sales development manager for Pepsi-Cola Hungary. Despite traveling around the world, she made the longest journey of her life without leaving town, practically without leaving her own apartment.

Sarolta Baritz, a successful business manager, became Sister Laura, a Dominican nun. She gave away her wealth and moved into the convent. She had seven years to change her mind, but instead, she renounced her secular life. Since then she graduated as a professor of religion and ethics, teaches at Sapienta College and received her PhD in economics. In 2010 she established the KETEG (Christian Social Principles in Economy) teaching program connecting religion and ethics with economics.

KETEG (Christian Social Principles in Economy) is a community and teaching program of devoted persons coming from the Hungarian academic and business world with the aim to promote and spread value driven economic and business thinking both on the level of theory and of praxis that is based on the principles of virtue ethics and Catholic Social Thought (CST).

The original goal of the KETEG teaching program was to create an interdisciplinary connection between theology/philosophy and social-economic sciences, so as to provide a a new paradigm in social-economic thinking compared to the present mainstream utilitarian approach.

We are convinced that by teaching and acting according to this way of thinking and value order that involves the holistic approach of the various sciences (especially economics in our program) we can best serve the good of mankind and the sustainability of our world