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Yes, you can participate in two different categories in the same edition.

Yes, you can participate in the same category, either research or teaching, with two different projects under the same name. You will have to do the submission process separately; one submission for each project.

Yes, we also acept projects in Italian and French. 

You can submit several documents as long as:

  • They are all included in a single PDF document.
  • They’re all under the same title.
  • Explain in the supporting document why it makes sense to present these documents as a single work.
  • Know how to argue in an integrative way how to answer anthropological, epistemological, ethical and meaning questions.

You can submit a project for the Awards even if you do not belong to any university institution. However, we require that the academic level of the work be equivalent to a high level project in the university sector.

The only requirement is that the project is presented in PDF format. Everything else (extension, typography, etc.) is at the candidate’s discretion.