Online Seminar Program

Encounter with the winners of the 4th Edition

Wednesday, September 16th

4.00 pm (all times CET) Welcome and presentation of the Awards 4.00 pm Address by Samuel Condic and Maureen L. Condic explaining their work (as will the other speakers also: background, trajectory of the project, intellectual and personal influences, purpose and application of the work etc.) “Human Embryos  Human Beings.  A Scientific and Philosophical Approach” 5.00 pm Interview by Max Bonilla + Dialogue with the attendees 5.30 pm Break 5.45 pm Address by James A. Arthur the work of the Jubilee Centre, “Teaching Character Virtues. A Neo-Aristotelian Approach”  6.30 pm Interview by Javier de Cendra + Dialogue with the attendees

Thursday, September 17th

10.30 am Introduction of the Expanded Reason Institute’s team and the working method of the following session (for UFV faculty only). 11.00 am Discussion among the Expanded Reason Communities at UFV The Communities will meet with their leader and their humanities advisor.
  • Planning of the academic year
1.00 pm End of the work     4.00 pm Address by William M. R. Simpson on his work “What’s the Matter? Toward a neo-Aristotelian Ontology of Nature” 4.45 pm Interview by Javier Rubio + Dialogue with the attendees 5.15 pm Break 5.30 pm Address by Paul C. Vitz, William J. Nordling, and Craig S. Titus on “A Catholic Christian Meta-Model of the Person: Integration of Psychology and Mental Health Practice” 6.45 pm Interview by Clara Molinero + Dialogue with the attendees.