The jury of the Expanded Reason Awards is getting ready to deliberate next July 3rd via videoconference

The jury of the 4th edition of the Expanded Reason Awards is adapting to the new situation caused by the Covid 19 and will be meeting through an online platform in order to deliberate who the next winners of the Expanded Reason Awards will be.

This and past editions have been convened by the University Francisco de Vitoria and the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI with the aim of promoting research and academic innovation in the spirit of Benedict XVI’s proposal to broaden the horizons of reason.The award recognizes those works that achieve an integration between specific disciplines and philosophy and theology.

The conditions for the awards point out that “if scientific rationality becomes a single form of certain knowledge, questions that are vital to man are left out. The sense of reality and science itself is not the object of the positive sciences but of the Humanities, Philosophy and Theology. To broaden the horizons of scientific rationality is to bring man back into play as the subject and beneficiary of science”.

The award is endowed with 100,000 euros divided into four prizes as follows: two prizes of 25,000 euros will be awarded in the Research category and two prizes of 25,000 euros in the Teaching category.


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