Online Seminar with the winners of the 4th Edition

The winners of the 4th edition of the Expanded Reason Awards will meet online on September 16th and 17th to showcase the works for which they have been recognized and the professional trajectory that has brought them here. Despite the current impossibility of holding the Awards Ceremony in person, the Expanded Reason Community will have the chance to meet the professors and researchers who have stood out in this edition of the Awards for working in the spirit of Benedict XVI’s proposal to broaden the horizons of reason.
  • James A. Arthur (University of Birmingham).  Teaching Character Virtues. A Neo-Aristotelian Approach.
  •  Paul C. Vitz, William J. Nordling y Craig Steven Titus (Divine Mercy University).
    A Catholic Christian Meta-Model of the Person: Integration of Psychology and Mental Health Practice.
  • Samuel B. Condic (University of St. Thomas, Houston) y Maureen L. Condic (University of Utah). Human Embryos. Human Beings. A Scientific and Philosophical Approach.
  • William M. R. Simpson (University of Cambridge).
    What’s the matter? Toward a neo-Aristotelian ontology of nature.