Online meeting with the winners of the 4th Edition of the Expanded Reason Awards

The winners of the 4th edition of the Expanded Reason Awards will meet online on September 16th and 17th to showcase the works for which they have been recognized and the professional trajectory that has brought them here.

Despite the current impossibility of holding the Awards Ceremony in person, the Expanded Reason Community will have the chance to meet the professors and researchers who have stood out in this edition of the Awards for working in the spirit of Benedict XVI’s proposal to broaden the horizons of reason.

Attendance at this online meeting is open both to professors from the University Francisco de Vitoria and to professors and researchers from other universities and academic fields.

The seminar will begin on Wednesday, September 16 at 4:00 pm (CET) with a brief introduction, which will be followed at 4:15 pm by Samuel B. Condic (University of St. Thomas, Houston) and Maureen L. Condic (University of Utah). They will discuss from a biological and philosophical perspective the results of their research on the beginning of human existence and of the human person. Max Bonilla, International Director of the Expanded Reason Institute, will interview them to foster a brief dialogue afterwards.

At 5:15 pm will begin the presentation by James A. Arthur (University of Birmingham). Arthur has been awarded in the category of teaching for promoting a neo-Aristotelian approach to virtue and character formation in the academic programs of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue (of which he is also founder). Afterwards, Javier De Cendra, Dean at the University Francisco de Vitoria, will interview him.

Thursday morning will be reserved for a presentation of the Expanded Reason Institute and discussion among the different communities of professors of the University Francisco de Vitoria.

At 4:00 pm William M. R. Simpson (University of Cambridge) will give a lecture on his second doctoral thesis for which he won on this year´s edition: What is the Matter? Towards a neo-Aristotelian Ontology of Nature, in which he explores a realistic conception of quantum theory and its philosophical implications. He will be interviewed by Javier Rubio, professor of Humanities at the University Francisco de Vitoria.

Finally, at 5:30 pm Paul C. Vitz, William J. Nordling, and Craig S. Titus (Divine Mercy University) will present the Catholic Christian Meta-Model of the Person, a unifying framework for the understanding of the human person that integrates psychology, philosophy and theology for better care by mental health professionals. They will be interviewed by Clara Molinero, director of the Psychology program at the University Francisco de Vitoria.

This online program does not replace the Award Ceremony traditionally held at the Vatican, nor the Expanded Reason Congress, both of which have been postponed until circumstances allow. 

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