Presentation of the book “Determinism or indeterminism? Great Questions from Science to Philosophy”

The book Determinism or Indeterminism? Great questions from sciences to philosophy, by Claudia Vanney and Juan F. Franck, winners of the 1st edition of the Expanded Reason Awards, has been published in the Expanded Reason Collection of Editorial UFV.

The presentation of the book will be held next Friday 8 February, 19:30 pm, at Neblí (Bookshop adress: Calle Serrano, 80. Madrid). The presentation will have three of its co-authors: Claudia Vanney (editor with Juan F. Frack), Carlos Blanco and María Cerezo.

This book is the result of a joint effort of three years, during which physicists, biologists, neruocientíficos and philosophers studied the subject of determinism with an interdisciplinary view. The chapters are co-authored by scientists and philosophers and revolve around questions about epistemological, ontological or philosophical-theological problems.

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