The rector of UFV presents the Expanded Reason Awards at Vatican’s press office

The Rector of the University Francisco de Vitoria, Daniel Sada Castaño, presented the Expanded Reason Awards at the Vatican’s Sala Stampa. In his speech, he thanked the Holy See for its support, referred briefly to the prize-winning works and advanced the announcement of the second edition.

“The Catholic University will be so not only because it has catholic teachers or crucifixes in the classrooms, but above all because of what happens in its classrooms and how it uses reason. The aim of this initiative is to “go out into the periphery of the University and dialogue with the dominant culture”, underlined the Rector.

The award-winning works approach subjects as diverse as the development of moral conscience, economics and enterprise seen from the Church’s Social Doctrine, determinism and freedom, the care of the Earth, the integral understanding of health and the narration in videogames.

The awards ceremony will take place tomorrow, Wednesday at 5 p. m. at the Academy of Sciences (The Vatican). You can watch it live on the Youtube channel of the Expanded Reason Awards.

The presentation of the Awards in the Sala Stampa is part of the press conference offered by the Foundation Ratzinger – Benedict XVI to present the activities of this academic year 2017-2018.

Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, introduced the event and announced the winners of other awards this year, the Ratzinger Awards, which are now in their seventh year.

Father Lombardi, president of the Foundation, has spoken about the nature and activities of the Vatican Foundation itself, and the Rector of the Catholic University of Costa Rica has presented the Congress that, also in collaboration with the Ratzinger Foundation, will take place next November in the Latin American country, on the encyclical Laudato Si and the care of the common house.

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